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About Our Services

When we set out to help you design and construct the long-lasting property of your dreams, there’s more than hardscaping that makes an impact. The landscaping of your lawn can be a visitor’s first impression and is visible all around your hardscaping. Our superior craftsmanship and quality also extend to your property’s landscaping. We can install bushes, trees, perennial flowers, and even landscape lighting to help your landscape shine. If you have issues with your trees, bushes, or flowers, we can uproot them and replace them with what fits your vision.

Complete Hardscapes will design and construct the perfect outdoor area for your family! We are the company to work with for beautiful landscaping solutions with drainage and hardscaping in mind.

Professional Landscaping Services in Northland Kansas City

Our Professional Services

Landscape Design & Construction

Professional Landscape Design Services in Northland Kansas City

Our top-notch installation services apply to our landscaping as well. We design landscaping based on what you want out of your landscape and construct it to stand the test of time.

Grading / Topsoil

Professional Soil Grading Services in Northland Kansas City

Grading down your yard’s soil and filling in holes with topsoil allows your landscape to be flat and smooth. It’ll be easy to walk across and collect less excess water!

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Installation in North Kansas City, MO

Our low-voltage LED landscape lights are perfect for your outdoor living area, as tree accents, or spread throughout your landscape.

Bush / Shrub Planting

Professional Shrub & Bush Planting Services in Northland Kansas City

Add some privacy or framing to your landscape with a natural touch.

Tree Planting

Professional Tree Planting Services in Northland Kansas City

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best is now!

Landscape Tearouts / Renovation

Professional Landscape Tearout Services in Northland Kansas City

Tearing out parts of your landscape you’re unhappy with makes it more enjoyable and allows space for renovation.

Perennial Planting

Professional Perennial Bed Installation in Northland Kansas City

Not only do our flowers look beautiful, but they return every year to save you the hassle of replanting.

Mulch Installation

Professional Mulch Installation Services in Northland Kansas City

Mulch looks striking on your landscape and prevents weeds, making it an effective solution.

Sod Installation & Overseeding

Professional Sod Installation Services in Northland Kansas City
Bare patches in your yard? We’ll sew sod or plant seeds to blend in with your lawn, making the grass thick, green, and healthy.

Decorative Rock Installation

Decorative Rock Installation in North Kansas City, MO

Stone has more uses for your landscape than just hardscaping. We create installations that add a beautiful new element to your property.

Our Program

At Complete Hardscapes, our team’s expert knowledge allows us to design and construct the best landscaping for your lawn. We keep drainage and settlement in mind every step of the way. Our beautiful and functional landscapes are also designed to prevent flooding issues. We offer a variety of designs and solutions customized to what you want out of your landscaping. For landscaping services that benefit your property, we are the company for you.
Professional Landscaping Contractor in Northland Kansas City

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