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The Correct Drain for Your Lawn’s Drainage

Any part of your lawn can accumulate excess water. When too much water settles on the same part of the lawn, it won’t properly drain into the soil without causing damage to your grass. There are a variety of drainage solutions that can move excess water off of your lawn to keep it healthy and lush. We are experts with drainage all around your property. Our team will evaluate your lawn and offer the best drainage solution for your lawn.

Professional Drain System Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

What Kind of Drainage to Use for Flooding Lawns?

French Drains

French Drain Installation in North Kansas City, MO

A French drain is built into your lawn to remove excess standing water while still providing water to the rest of your lawn. Excess water can flow through a perforated pipe while the surrounding trench helps to filter out any sediment. This is a good solution for keeping soil watered without oversaturating the soil.

Buried Downspouts

Professional Downspout Drain Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Your gutters and downspouts can sometimes accumulate too much water on your lawn after it is drained from the roof. Buried downspouts direct water away from the foundation into a drainage system by connecting your downspout to a drain with PVC pipe. Redirecting downspout water keeps excess water off your lawn and away from your property.

Inlet Boxes / Catch Basins

Professional Catch Basin Installation in Northern Kansas City

If there is a low-lying area on your property, an inlet box or catch basin can collect a large amount of excess water that accumulates there. They collect water by drawing it underground, then directing it away from your property. These can be used with buried downspouts and french drains.

Our Drainage Solutions

Low areas, compacted soil, and heavy rains can cause complications with lawn drainage. This causes minor to severe flooding for lawns and can damage your whole property. Our lawn drainage services provide permanent solutions to keep water from pooling and flooding. They allow for your landscape to receive the natural soil saturation to be healthy and redirect excess water away. When you invest in lawn drainage with Complete Hardscapes, you will receive the best drainage solutions for your lawn. Our expert installation of the right solutions for you will leave you with a healthier lawn and a stable property.
Professional Lawn Drainage Solutions for Northland Kansas City, MO

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