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Preventing Hardscape Water Damage With Drainage Solutions

Solid surfaces can be a drainage nightmare. There isn’t anywhere for the water to go, like on your lawn or landscape. When water collects on solid surfaces like driveways or patios, it stays there until it is manually removed or evaporates. Hardscapes, despite not being able to drain water naturally, are often built without drainage in mind. Not with us! Complete Hardscapes always carefully considers which drainage solution works best for your hardscape. If your hardscape is having drainage issues, we can evaluate your property and install the right solution.

Professional Hardscape Drain Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Solutions We Specialize in Are:

Channel Drains

Professional Channel Drain Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Channel drains are a channel spanning the length of your hardscape surface that drains water away. The drains are typically covered with a grate that allows water and sediment to enter but drains them separately. They’re similar to a tile drain, only for a driveway or patio.

Permeable Pavers

Professional Permeable Paver Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Permeable pavers are essentially a system of interlocking paving blocks that allow water to drain between them. Instead of water runoff pooling on your patio or driveway, the paver system would absorb the water and drain it just like standard soil would.

Our Hardscape Drainage Solutions

Poorly designed or damaged hardscape features can be a nightmare when it comes to water collection from heavy rains. Since most hardscapes can’t absorb water like soil, we build drainage solutions into existing patios and driveways. We are experienced with hardscaping drainage solutions from building them into our new projects. Whether for an old hardscape or a new project, Complete Hardscapes will install the drainage that’s needed for your property.
Professional Drainage Install Services in Northland Kansas City

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