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Drainage Solutions for Flooding Landscapes

It can be hard to strike a balance with landscaping between looking beautiful and providing drainage solutions. Both lawn and landscape drainage mitigate flooding and water runoff. However, landscape drainage requires a more aesthetically-minded approach. It usually involves more than just digging a trench and laying drainage tile.

These landscape solutions can range from temporary to permanent landscape additions. They can add desirable and attractive landscape features to your home while also redirecting the flow of water. We at Complete Hardscapes know the best landscape drainage solutions that you’ll be proud to look at and that will solve your flooding problem.

Professional Landscape Drainage Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Drainage Solutions We Offer for Landscape Flooding

Retaining Walls

Professional Hardscape Drainage in Northland Kansas City

Improperly built retaining walls will have structural issues that cause them to bulge or even collapse. Our retaining walls are built to drain water properly. They use gravel backfill, landscape fabric, and a perforated drainpipe (similar to a french drain) between the soil and the rear of the wall. This ensures water can’t build up behind it.

Dry Creek Beds

Professional Decorative Gravel Installation Services in Northern Kansas City, MO

Dry creek beds are a good solution for areas prone to excess water runoff and erosion. These are best in areas where water channels but more grass will not grow. Constructing a dry creek bed in these areas offers an attractive permanent solution for these issues. Different-sized rocks, plants, and small bridges can make the gravel a centerpiece.

Grading / Swales / Berms

Professional Landscape Grading Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Grading, swales, and berms all require sloping the landscape to direct the flow of water. Grading your landscape with an incline slowly directs water away from your home. Swales are depressions in a landscape that will collect water for it to distribute into the soil. Berms keep water from reaching a certain part of the landscape.

Erosion Control

Professional Erosion Control Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Erosion control measures are typically taken during a landscaping project where fresh grass isn’t present yet. Using things like fabric erosion control blankets and silt fences, we can help alleviate erosion from water runoff. This gives grass needed time to grow after a new landscaping project.

Our Landscape Drainage Solutions

Flooding and excessive water runoff can become a result of a poor initial landscape layout or design. We build custom landscape features to mitigate runoff and flooding. Swales and berms to dry creek beds and retaining walls — we’ll create beautiful and functional landscapes that prevent flooding issues. Through all of our landscaping work, we implement drainage solutions tailored to your lawn. Our work ensures your landscape can retain its beautiful features for years.

Professional Landscape Drain Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

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