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Hardscaping solutions allow you to host your loved ones in a beautiful outdoor space. Expand your living area and enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors! Let Complete Hardscapes help with designing and constructing the hardscape of your dreams. We can handle important hardscaping services beautifully, such as patios, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, and even outdoor living spaces. Our superior craftsmanship will leave you with results that add to your property.

Let our specialized knowledge help you create an enjoyable investment that will last for generations. We are experts at working within your budget to create a pleasant, outdoor living space.

Professional Hardscaping Company in Northern Kansas City

Our Professional Services

Retaining Walls

Professional Hardscape Design Services in Northern Kansas City, MO

Retaining walls create a separate, level area on your property that will prevent slope erosion. They also add a unique element to your landscape and be used to sit on or protect gardens.

Patios & Walkways

Professional Hardscape Design Services in Northern Kansas City, MO

A patio gives you space to enjoy your outdoor property, and walkways help you navigate it. We build our patios and walkways with pavers for proper drainage and tons of customization.

Outdoor Living Areas & Kitchens

Professional Hardscape Design Services in Northern Kansas City, MO

Outdoor kitchens and living areas give you the perfect way to entertain guests comfortably. Save yourself the hassle of running back inside and enjoy the outdoors in a space that is built to your needs.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Professional Fire Pit Installation Services in Northern Kansas City, MO

Don’t settle for a store-bought or DIY fire pit in your backyard. Have a custom-designed fire pit or fireplace built right into your hardscape or landscape.

Hardscape Repair

Professional Hardscape Repair Services in Northern Kansas City

Hardscapes can become damaged over time due to poor installation choices, soil erosion, water runoff, freezing, wear and tear, and accidents. Replacing the whole hardscape may not be your only choice. We can professionally repair most hardscapes!

Our Two Key Elements

For our hardscaping projects, we go beyond merely installing a perfect solution. As experts in the field, we know factors we must keep in mind to build hardscaping that lasts. Two key elements of many hardscaping projects are compaction and drainage.

Compaction – The hardscape surface itself is only the facade of a complete system. The structural integrity of this system is what is underneath and its preparation. Proper compaction of all materials underneath is crucial. To achieve this compaction we use a variety of equipment for different aggregate or soil types and compact in layers (lifts). This is something to consider when hiring a contractor for your project: Are they compacting all materials? Are they using the right equipment for compaction?

Drainage – This must be considered before the construction of any hardscape. We must address potential water anywhere on the property. If there are downspouts in the area, they should be buried and discharged elsewhere. The grading of the site is also a factor. The ground should be graded as needed to direct water flow.

Professional Hardscape Installation Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

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