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The Right Water Drainage for Your Lawn

Proper soil moisture around your home is very important with our expansive clay soils in the KC metro area. If the ground is oversaturated, it can create hydrostatic pressure. If the soil is too dry, it pulls away from your home and takes in any surface water or rain. These can cause foundation cracking, structural failure, basement settlement, or water leakage.

Maintaining water drainage around your home is a cost-effective way to insure your structure stays stable. You can also avoid paying for expensive foundation repairs. With an on-site assessment, Complete Hardscapes will find the cause of your water issue and provide the best drainage solution.

Professional Drain Installation Services in Northland Kansas City MO

Our Drainage Solutions

Lawn Drainage

Drainage Solution Installation in North Kansas City, MO

Low areas, compacted soil, and heavy rains can cause complications for drainage, which in turn causes minor to severe flooding for lawns. Our lawn drainage services provide permanent solutions to keep water from pooling and flooding. They also allow your landscape to receive natural soil saturation for optimal growth.

Hardscape Drainage

Expert Hardscape Drainage Services in Northland Kansas City

Poor designs or damaged hardscape features can be a nightmare when it comes to heavy rains and standing water. Typical hardscapes can’t absorb water like soil. We provide solutions to convert or build drainage solutions into hardscapes.

Landscape Drainage

Professional Landscape Drainage Services in Northland Kansas City, MO

Flooding and excessive water runoff can be the result of a poor landscape layout or design. We provide and build custom landscape features to mitigate runoff and flooding. Swales, berms, dry creek beds, retaining walls — we’ll create beautiful and functional landscapes and prevent flooding issues.

Our Services

We offer a variety of drainage solutions designed for the specific needs of your hardscape and landscape. The different parts of your property have unique needs that we consider as we install drainage solutions. No matter where on your property you’re experiencing drainage issues, we will install the best solution for you. Flooding and excess water can only bring damage to your home and landscape. Our team will assess your property and keep it from further harm. Keep your property free from damage with the best drainage solutions for you!
Professional Drainage Install Services in Northland Kansas City

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